Over 450 qualified tutors, passionate and supportive, available at home or online
Most of our tutors are teachers, all specialized according to the subject & student's level
For 25 years, SPAÉ has enabled the full academic potential of each student, one at a time!
Primary & Secondary School or CEGEP: a customized academic help, at student's pace & level

The right teacher for each student


The SPAÉ offers a summer tutoring service at home and online with a specialized and dedicated teacher, always tailor-made, according to your needs and objectives:

  • Revision of the school program, at the elementary and secondary levels, for an effective catching up of the misunderstood notions facilitating the return to class in September. A certificate of studies for the school is available;
  • Catch-up for students in a situation of failure or having a lot of difficulties in order to promote success at the beginning of the school year;
  • Advanced for students looking for the best grades possible to increase their average or to allow access to restricted programs in high school or CÉGEP;


Preparation for the Ministry exams of June for all high school subjects. Tutoring available for an individual & customized learning, intensive sessions, but flexible according to your availability and constraints. A full program revision aiming student’s weaknesses. Home or online private classes with a specialized and dedicated teacher. Faster and more effective than group classes in summer class!

  • Math exam preparation in high school (all 5 levels) according to the school’s requirements or requests. We also can hold the exam and sent full results to school for their validation;
  • Program revision to prepare for the Secondary IV Ministry exams: Math (all 3 level) and History;
  • Program revision to prepare for the Secondary V Ministry exams: French and English
  • All other exams preparation that needs a complete or partial revision to boost grades or speed up studying


The SPAÉ offers you its tutoring service at home to help grade 6 students pass any private school admission exams for this fall. A tailor-made, intensive and flexible tutoring (according to your availability and the needs of the student) which allows to revise the grade 5 notions in Math & French. Our tutor also ensure that the child is well prepared to succeed the General Culture component as well as Logic, Deduction and Reasoning often present in those admission exams.


SPAÉ is offering a complete set of services to better serve students, especially for students with learning disabilities. We thrive on giving you a personnalized assistance regardless of the academic needs of your child. We offer the best ressources in regards of each specific needs. SPAÉ teams up with ÉducaPlus, our sister agency, to complete our home tutoring services allowing us to go beyond school programs. It also provide a cost-effective approach combining school tutoring and remedial learning techniques. ÉducaPlus began its operations in October 2012 with a growing team of specialists located both in the Montreal region and in many regions across Québec. Because your needs are not always clear from the start, we offer a common Customer Service to direct you to the appropriate resource, according to your goals and the analysis made: tutor, remedial specialist, counselor, psychologist, therapist, psychotherapist, coach, etc… at your service!

Services are mostly for students attending a French speaking school in Quebec but we do have few English speaking theachers that helps anglophones. Please contact us since each case is specific.

We are working to offer help for all students, whatever level or subject, everywhere in Québec. We offer greater availability of tutors with an expanded team, especially in the suburbs. We just launched a new website providing us with more flexibility in the presentation of our contents, faster updates and more contents.

As always, our team of teachers gives students guidance and explanations necessary to understand the program covered in class. This assistance includes help with homework, exam preparation, specific or full knowledge revision, self-esteem support after facing failures and much more. In all cases, the one-on-one relationship allows the students to perform and achieve to their full potential.

Our tutoring services aim one goal: Educational enhancement with a tailored approach… one student at a time!

This is why SPAÉ is proud to have contributed to the success of more than 25 000 students for the last 25 years. Academic achievement is too important … It requires efforts and the desire to succeed, but from time to time, also professional and custom assistance!


Our teachers offer courses for all francophone students, from primary to secondary level in Mathematics, French, English, Science and other subjects like History. We also offer college-level courses (CEGEP) with Integrals, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics and others. Whether it is homework help, remedial training or skills development, the education support service that we propose aims the full potential of your child.


Our tutors are mostly graduates teachers who master their subjects, the programs and the special pedagogy of tutoring. But the main success factor is human skills, the chemistry that will give the student the confidence needed to succeed. We are professional and experienced. For more flexibility and better results, our tutors offer courses at home or online, at your convenience.

Tutoring: at Home or Online


At home service or at a public library… Online, wherever you want! Easy, Professional & Accessible


You choose the length and frequency of each course, according to your need & availability, Week Days or Week-End


Using student’s school material,  to is rhythm and according to your goals, with private or semi-private lessons, always customized

Questions & Answers

How can you offer a customized course to the student?

By working with the student’s school material, by assessing strengths and weaknesses to identify needs but also by taking into account your expectations. We respects the student rhythm and history, providing the necessary catch-up and revision for the next exam. The tutor adapts to the school environment and the pedagogical approach used by the teacher in the classroom.

How does it work if there are several students?

Tutoring can be for 1, 2 or 3 students. There is no additional charge. Depending on the level of each, the difficulties and the context, the tutor can group the students during a part or the whole course. He can also take them, one after the other. Only the course duration changes, which saves you money. You can also share the fees between several families.

How are your tutors?

Most of our tutors are teachers with a permit from the Education Ministry of Quebec. We only offer subject specialists who often have a master’s degree, or even a doctorate. Very competent teachers, but also attentive, empathic and animated by the success of the students. They have all been subject to a criminal record check for your safety. The right tutor is selected according to the profile of each student, taking into account your availability, expectations, etc.

What if it doesn’t click with the tutor?

Beyond the competence and expertise of the tutor, the human factor plays an important role in the tutor-student relationship. You can change at any time for any reason. But most of the time, the match is very good and offers good results.